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What is it?
It is a report detailing the condition of a house or dwelling prior to excavation or construction work being carried out on an adjacent or nearby building.

Who does it?
A specially trained building consultant.

Prior to excavation or construction work such as a large hole being dug next door on a neighbor's house or a Water Board pipe being laid down.

To assess the present condition of the dwelling prior to excavation work so that disputes and costly litigation can be avoided at the completion of the job.

  • The report gives both parties an accurate record of the condition of the dwelling prior to any construction work taking place.
  • Each party signs the report once they have agreed on the condition of the building and it safeguards both the builder and the client in the event of any potential dispute arising after the work has been carried out.

All accessible areas, including interior, roof interior, roof exterior, exterior, subfloor and services.

Which types of properties are inspected?
Domestic and commercial dwellings. Mainly domestic dwellings but some commercial buildings as well.

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